Miracle Worker For Acne, Wrinkles And Ageing Skin


I first used Retin-A when I was a teenager and had pimples. With regular use, my pimples disappeared completely.

Once I was older I used it for a while for wrinkles. I am a sun lover and lived on the beach so I stopped using it as this would be contraindicated.

In this post I am going to focus on using Retin-A for anti-ageing.

Retin A comes in 3 strengths 0.1%. .05% and 0.025%.

You will need a doctors prescription to purchase Retin A in most countries.

Retin A must only be applied at night. In the beginning until you skin gets used to it, you will get dryness and flaking and irritation of the skin. In my case the first two days was ok, but after the 3rd application I had irritation, redness and flaking, so I stopped using it for a few days. If you experience this then only use it twice a week until your skin gets used to it, then increase it to 3 times……then step up until you can use it every evening or most evenings.

I used Retin A years ago but now have been prescribed Retacnyl as I was told that it contains the same active ingredient (Tretinoin) but it is a less irritating formulation. Retacnyl is a generic so also cheaper than the original.

This is what I am using presently.

Retacnyl cream 0.05

I want to see results asap so I started on the 0.05% and intended using daily, but chin became very flaky so I relented and as stated above used only twice a week, this week 3 x a week.

Tretinoin can sensitize your skin to sunlight so when you are using it, wear a strong sunblock with a HIGH sun protection factor.

You must NOT put it around your eye area, the corner of mouth or nose.

I have large pores, so I have seen a definite decrease in the size of my poors, but the anti ageing affects take a few months to really kick but when it does you will be amazed at how good your skin looks.



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