My La Brasiliana keratin treatment before and after – amazing!!


hair 2

hair 3

I highlight my hair with bleach and although the condition is not very bad for all that I have done to it (see before pictures above), having a La Brasiliana treatment works like a charm and I highly recommend it. I use the original La Brasiliana which has formaldehyde in it. There are many scare stories about how bad formaldehyde is and there are new keratin treatments out which has no formaldehyde in it. I can really say that using the new ones are a waste of money as it is as costly as the original but after a couple of washes your hair looks like it did pre-treatment. When having the original La Brasiliana, what you need to do to be safe is as follows: –

When the hairdresser blow dries the treatment into the hair and then uses the straightening iron (GHD) to make the hair sleek the salon needs to have a fan to the side of the chair to blow the fumes released away from the hairdresser or the customer. It is extremely bad to breathe in these fumes especially for the hairdresser who would do many keratin treatments and less so for the customer.

If you wish you could take a mask with to cover your nose if you want to be extra cautious.

Below are the pictures of my hair immediately after treatment.

Hair after hair after 1

The colour of the hair looks different because of the lighting in the salon.

Post treatment you must not wash your hair for at least 3 days. You must take care not to get your hair wet. If you get any kinks in your hair after sleeping. If either or the previous happens, blow your hair straight and use a hair straightener device to straighten it. After keratin treatment DO NOT use normal shampoo on your hair. You can purchase shampoo and treatment without sulphates from the salon or alternatively what I do is purchase my shampoo and conditioner from the health shop as it costs a fraction of the price of salon products. My health shop shampoo and conditioner is sulphate and paraben free.

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