Tips for luscious hair


1. “What can I do for extremely thin and fine long hair?” 

First and foremost, start taking hair supplements.  OUAI Thinning Hair Supplements are designed to build strength and density in fine and limp hair, with black currant seed oil, amino acids, and biotin.

You also definitely want to be using two different shampoos in the shower: a volumizing one at the roots and a moisturizing one on the ends. Avoid using conditioner at all on the scalp, and instead focus mostly on the ends. Prior to styling, spray in a mist – Volumizing Mist and blow-dry your hair upside down for maximum volume, or use a diffuser to bring out a natural wave pattern.

2 . “If you’re growing your hair as long as possible, ideally, how often should you get a trim?”

I’m a firm believer that haircuts are only necessary 2-3 times a year as long as you are taking care of your hair in the meantime. If you are using great products at home, using heat protectants (like OUAI Hair Oil), and weekly treatment masques, you should not have to trim your hair too frequently in order to preserve length. If you are trying to grow it out, avoid too much heat styling and try letting it air dry as much as possible, or pop your hair in braids for a couple hours with oils and treatment masks to restore the hair health.

3. What to eat for healthy hair


Rich in Omega oils, walnuts also contain a wealth of biotin and vitamin E, which can prevent cell damage (think natural sunscreen for your hair). Walnuts also contain copper, which is a natural mineral that keeps hair color looking rich. Sprinkle them on fruit, or keep a small bag of them in your purse to snack on.


Avocados have an abundance of omega oils that our bodies don’t produce naturally. These oils are essential for creating shiny, strong hair that grows rapidly. In addition, don’t be surprised if your skin starts looking younger when you start eating avocados regularly. And Avocado toast makes an amazing breakfast, as you might have heard!


Hair is made up of keratin protein, much like the protein converted from eggs. In addition eggs contain iron, a nutrient that carries oxygen to hair follicles, vitamin D (which can help with hair growth), and healthy fats that maintain suppleness and shine in the hair.

4. Towel Dry Hair

Instead of using a blow-dryer, Mexican-born stylist Oliver Ifergan suggests reaching for a terrycloth towel. “Many Mexican women will wrap a towel very tightly around their hair after showering and wear it until hair is dry. It’s a simple way to make strands smooth and straight,” he says.

5. Ditch the Hairdryer

In the dog days of summer, when your blow-dryer suddenly feels like a blowtorch, you’ll thank Jamaican hair expert Denine Smith for this heat-free drying trick. After shampooing and conditioning, set hair in Velcro rollers to air-dry. “You end up with lush, bouncy, free-flowing curls,”

6. Cold Rinse

At the end of your shower turn off the hot water. “I know it sounds unpleasant, but this instantly seals each cuticle, closing up the shaft so it reflects natural light more easily and provides optimal shine and radiance.

7. Hydrate While You Sleep

Overnight treatment masks are very popular here,” says Paris salon owner David Mallett. “To add moisture, many women will rub L’Occitane’s shea butter cream on their scalp the evening before a shampoo.” Another nighttime ritual: vitamins. “Women take herbal supplements to nourish their hair from the inside. Phyto Phytophanere ($25/bottle of 60 caplets; is an all-time favorite.”

8. Beer Rinse

Mix a half liter of beer with lukewarm water. Pour it into a spray bottle and spritz dry hair. Leave it on for 20 minutes, then rinse. Do this weekly to keep strands strong and glossy.

9. Natural Blonde highlights

To achieve ideal neutral blond highlights try this trick, which originated in the pre-hair-product era: “Boil some yellow onion skins, let the water cool, and use it as a rinse.” Boil the skin of 6 onions in 4 cups water for a blond color rinse, the secret of Czech women. We tried it; the rinse doesn’t smell.

10. Make your highlights shimmer

Add 1 tbsp. of honey to your favorite conditioner-it will make highlights shimmer.


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